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Welcome to Next City Bacon, LLC changing the way america sees bacon!

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We offer wholesale slab and sliced layout specialty raw bacon.   Hand processed and slow cured pork belly-with natural rubs that do not add nitrites to the product. No celery products used.

No machine processing, no mashing or pressing, no water injections,and no nitrate or nitrite injections..ever!

Gluten Free!!  

Keto diet approved!

Federal regulations do not permit the use of hormones in pork.

Chefs-We can custom make exclusive  specialty flavor bacon for your establishment!

Chefs and wholesale buyers-if you would like a sampling demo of our product with Chef Masson, please give us a call or fill out the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Retail coming soon!!

Our Story



The idea of a bacon company came to us while vacationing in a cabin in the Georgia mountains. Sitting on the back porch-taking in the beautiful nature around us-we drew our first idea for a logo on a sketch pad with crayons. Both sharing a love for bacon, and a desire to create a minimally processed, hand crafted, nitrite free bacon product to locally source to our bacon loving public- Next City Bacon was created!  Robert-being a chef for 30+ years, spent several years developing, creating, crafting and perfecting his hand cured bacon in a restaurant setting. His simple minimal process for slow hand cured bacon-handcrafted and cured over time, using rubs that do not add nitrites to the finished product has been well received. 

Our Mission


To offer a high quality, minimally processed, hand crafted, small batch locally made bacon with all natural rubs-with no added nitrites- to the bacon loving public!

We have partnered with Master Purveyors, a local USDA inspected co-packing company established since 1966-and are hands on with every small batch we process.  We use only high quality  pork belly-free of hormones. 

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call Robert at 727-422-5922

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Whole Slab Bacon

Sliced Bacon

Bits and Pieces

5 lb. packs-great for soups, stews, gravy, and much more!

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