Welcome to Next City Bacon! "Taking the processing out of the process..."Welcome to Next City Bacon! "Taking the processing out of the process..."Welcome to Next City Bacon! "Taking the processing out of the process..."Welcome to Next City Bacon! "Taking the processing out of the process..."

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Our bacon is hand crafted with love at Master Purveyors -an authorized USDA inspected facility 

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Next City Bacon-What We Are All About

Our Products


Retail- 12oz. packages of our thick sliced bacon

(12 pcs. per pack)

1-2 lb bags of bacon bits & pieces

Retail Establishments-if you would like a sampling demo of our product with Chef Robert Masson, please give us a call or fill out the contact information below.

  Hand processed and slow cured pork belly-with natural rubs that do not add nitrites to the product. No celery products used.

No machine processing, no mashing or pressing, no water injections,and no nitrate or nitrite injections..ever!

All products used are non-GMO

Gluten Free!!  

Keto diet approved!

Federal regulations do not permit the use of hormones in pork.

Our pork belly is obtained through

 Seaboard Foods, who raise their pigs on American farms, managing every step of the process, setting it apart from the competition -which guarantees safe, high-quality pork every time. 


Our Story


 I have been a Tampa Bay area chef for 30+ years. Most people don’t know me, but those that do know I have always been committed to simple, well executed food. I've done parties for thousands and intimate dinners for two.  

Making our bacon is no different. My philosophy is still “keep it simple and execute well”. I started dabbling in bacon years ago but have always steered away from the use of nitrite. I could not handle the thought of putting chemicals in my food.

I love cured meats! But like many people, as I've gotten older I've tried to lead a healthier life style, which would include cutting down on processed products.  

Of all the cured meats- bacon is most prevalent and loved in my household, as it is in many households across the Tampa Bay area. 


  While sitting in a cabin in the North Georgia mountains, we drew our first idea for a logo on a sketch pad with crayons. Both sharing a love for bacon, and a desire to create a minimally processed, hand crafted, no added nitrite preservative free bacon-

 Next City Bacon was created!

Our Mission


SIMPLE... like our bacon!  Our mission is to provide the Greater Tampa Bay area with a "less processed", " less bad for you" (we won't say "healthier"... it's pork belly) alternative to traditionally produced bacon.



Sunday  breakfast is a tradition in our family and bacon has always been a big part of that. 

We've been eating our NEXT CITY BACON  for years even before our company was ever created. Now we would like to share it with you! 

Not just the bacon, but the feeling of bringing families together by the one thing that does it most... FOOD!





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What's different about Next City Bacon?

 EVERYTHING! Most commercial bacon processors use tumblers, injection needles, hydraulic presses, ovens and chemicals all come into play for manufacturing. 

Far from what is happening at Next City Bacon. We pride ourselves on a less processed product. Our bellies are hand rubbed with the simple ingredients you see listed on our packaging. 

Why isn’t our bacon smoked?

We had to ask ourselves this question: “Does it make any sense to produce a “no nitrite", “less bad for you” bacon product, then subject it to smoke and smother it in carcinogens which are known to be harmful?" We think not! We have chosen a simple all natural liquid smoke that is added to the belly during the rubbing process.  

Isn’t liquid smoke just as bad or worse for you?

Actually, that is a HUGE misconception! Carcinogens are fat soluble. In other words-they dissolve in fat.

But wait-isn't there lots of fat in bacon for carcinogens to dissolve in? The liquid smoke we apply is water based. Most carcinogens wont dissolve in water and are filtered out. Simply put-liquid smoke is a safer product when used properly.

Why is your bacon frozen?

While salt and liquid smoke both inhibit the growth of bacteria, we do not administer a sufficient amount to actually preserve the pork belly, nor do we use any nitrite or ingredients that contain high amounts of nitrite (celery powder) to preserve our product. We are frozen to preserve freshness and consistency. 

Why does our bacon taste different?

Sodium Nitrite adds a flavor of its own. That’s why most commercial bacons' have a similar flavor. Even the majority of “No Added Nitrite” bacons' use a celery product to produce natural nitrites  and we feel that is misleading. Some studies have shown that the “no added nitrite” bacon actually contained more nitrite in their finished product than regularly produced bacon. Since we don't use any nitrite or nitrite producing ingredients, our bacon retains more of a natural pork flavor.

You use a “co-packer”- don’t they make your bacon, not you?

 Yes, we use a co-packer; however, I PERSONALLY OVERSEE ALL ASPECTS OF PRODUCTION OF NEXT CITY BACON’S PRODUCTS!  We have partnered with Master Purveyors, a Tampa based USDA meat processing facility that has been in business since 1966.  . We are blessed and thankful to have them on our side!

Where Can I get some Next City Bacon??!!

call Robert at 727-422-5922


email us at


 fill out the contact information below

Wholesale and Retail Available

We would be honored to stock our bacon in your retail facility!

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Retail & Wholesale Products

Whole Slab Bacon Retail and Wholesale

Slab bacon

1-2 lb pkgs

Retail 12oz. pkg. Thick Sliced Bacon


Bits and Pieces

raw bacon bits and pieces

1-2 lb. packs-great for soups, stews, gravy, grinding, and much more!

Southern Steer Butcher grinds their own sausage and has created Bacon Sausage-for sale at their Palm Harbor and Sarasota locations-absolutely delicious!

Contact Next City Bacon-we would love to hear from you!

Next City Bacon, LLC

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